Friday, April 15, 2011

The Key to Yummy Desserts........

For years people have asked me what the key is to my yummy array of delectable desserts.....and the answer is Watkins Home Products. Watkins is a company that makes all natural products. There is something about the purest ingredients that make Watkins the right choice for your baking business. If you have never heard of Watkins, let me share this experience with you. Watkins has been in the top running for best products since 1868. Watkins products have been used in my family for many, many years. I remember seeing their products in my mother's kitchen as a child. When I decided that I wanted to open a bakery in my home, I started brushing up on my baking skills. Everytime I made a cake something was missing. Even though it was yummy and I would receive many praises on my vast creations, to me it was still lacking something special. Then I remembered that my mother use to bake with products from a company called Watkins, interested I did an online search and found the company again. It did not surprise me to know that they were still in business. So I ordered some products and used them in my baking. EUREKA!! I had discovered the missing ingredients in my baked products. I found out that I could sell the products out of my home and so I decided to sign up and become a distributor for the company. This has to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. Not only do my cakes now taste complete, but I can also share this experience with you too. If you have not tried Watkins Home and Baking Products please get online and look at my website at www.watkinsonline/lashandaboyce . If you would like a free sample of some products email me at I will send you some to try at home and let you taste the difference!

 Have a happy baking day!

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